Marissa Duplex Apartment

The proposal comprises of 2 simple blocks, linked by a labyrinth of external walkways, circulation and resident’s facilities, such as garden, children’s playground, gym and multifunction room. Entrance to the gated compound is via the street on the south east, where residents or visitors find parking spaces and landscaped strips of garden. Access to all the units and residents facilities is through the main lobby. The outdoor children playgrounds are located within the residence green strip sandwiched between the two blocks, which is shaded and allows for adults supervision at the same time. All ground floor units enjoy a private garden with 2 carpark spaces respectively, accessible directly from adjacent streets.

Stone screens are thoughtfully located to provide both sun shading and privacy while creating an interesting shadow play. Each screen are in modular size and will be prefabricated.

The generous balconies projecting from each upper level apartment extend the garden upwards, through the building with a series of trees and smaller potted plants, connecting the interior space to the outside.